JANESSA LEONE Angelica Panama Straw Hat




The wide brim on this panama hat gives you extra protection for those who want a functional sun hat, but don’t want the look of a functional sun hat. The naturally dyed color will evolve when exposed to light, creating beautiful tan highlights and lowlights. The process of handweaving Panama Straw requires precision and skill. Each straw hood is woven from natural toquilla straw grown in Ecuador. Each hood is woven by a single weaver and takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete the weaving process. Due to the handwoven pattern and the natural dye, each hat is considered one of a kind. At first, the Angelica will generally be the green olive tone. As it's exposed to light and sun, they will all turn into that brownish pink hue.  This color variance is a unique characteristic of natural Panama straw. The dying of the natural fibers is meant tochange between the high and the low range of the color palette. We use a very intricate Brisa weave that will highlight thischange beautifully. Because of the natural fibers, each hat is going to evolve into its color differently, making each hat truly unique. The hats that you will first receive are at the beginning stage of its colorevolution, and will lighten when exposed to warmth and light. 

  • Silver sage wide brimmed hand woven straw
  • 1" Light brown suede leather band
  • Gold Screw Closure
  • Panama straw is weather resistant and provides natural UV protection


  • Natural toquilla straw from Ecuador
  • Silver sage wide brimmed hand woven straw
  • 1" Light brown suede leather band
  • Made in the USA


  • 55 cm - Small
  • 56 cm - Medium
  • 57 cm - Large
  • Brim: 4"
  • Crown: 4.5"


Note: This will be arriving mid April

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