"High on Design: New Cannabis Culture" Book by gestalten & Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi



Today, weed is en vogue and has evolved into a good-looking business. High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture showcases the new brands, designs and creators behind this revolution. While cannabis is a recreational drug still strongly associated with Western subculture, it has recently become a huge industry. Over the past few years, consuming the herb and using its derivatives have become legal in several countries, and a wave of entrepreneurs has come through, looking to generate and bank on a new generation of consumers. Through insightful texts, High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture reflects on the novel aesthetics, people, and trends of contemporary cannabis culture, and provides a wider view of the phenomenon. Addiction, crime, science, the marketing of weed as a booster of creativity and a medical aid, and the use of hemp in clothing are all considered.

Seward and Lake statement:  "Highly recommend this book for those individuals curious to learn more about the "cannabis lifestyle", those artists and entrepreneurs interested in seeking inspiration for their products and services, and the activists demanding social justice and societal reforms pertaining to marijuana usage and commerce." 

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