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Jewelry for everyday and special occasions.


SIMONE ROCHA Crystal Red Drip Earrings
SIMONE ROCHA Crystal Mint Drip Earrings
SIMONE ROCHA Crystal Jet Black Drip Earrings
Blossom Earcuff
Wave Earring
DRIES VAN NOTEN Glass Drop Earrings
Uricao Silver Earrings
Uricao Silver Earrings Sale price$440.00
SORDO Nautilus Fan Sea Earrings
Cubagua Cuff in Gold
Cubagua Cuff in Gold Sale price$845.00
Large Cubagua Earcuff in Gold
BEGUM KHAN Queen of All Hearts Earrings
BEGUM KHAN Shrimp Crystal Drop Earrings
Scarab Venice Crystal Drop Earrings
SOPHIE BUHAI Garnet Grecian Collar
Reversible Hinged Hoops
Gold Roberto Chain
Small Etruscan Hoops
KINRADEN Elsa Striped Silver Earring
KINRADEN Elsa Striped Gold Earring
KINRADEN Doric Silver Earring
KINRADEN Gold Bangle Bracelet
Exhaling Her Necklace
Inhaling Him Bracelet
KINRADEN Brethren Gold Diamond Ring
Fine Incisions Bracelet
Exclusive Asymmetric Gold Oriente Earrings
SORDO Oriente Earrings in Silver
SORDO Oriente Earrings in Gold
SORDO Profundo Earrings in Pink
Wales Bonner Song Earring
Song Earring in Ivory
Colorblock Bracelet - Miracle
Colorblock Braclet - Cameo
Infinite Tusk Cuff Bracelet
Diamond Tennis Necklace
SORDO Nautilus Fan Mother of Pearl Earrings
SORDO Nautilus Fan Onyx Earrings
HARWELL GODFREY Diamond Baguette and Topaz Bangle Bracelet
HARWELL GODFREY Cleo's Snake Diamond Chain
GABRIELA ARTIGAS Diamond Tennis Bracelet
HARWELL GODFREY 18" Rainbow Bead Necklace
Blondeau Silver Ring
Gold Blondeau Pinky Ring
Gold Link Necklace
Gold Link Necklace Sale price$1,200.00
HARWELL GODFREY Stone Inlay Gold Earrings
Small Cubagua Earcuff in Gold
Cubagua Cuff in Silver
Cubagua Cuff in Silver Sale price$845.00
Small Bianca Cuff