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Our Black Partners

It's important to support Black designers and visionaries as a Black woman in the fashion industry.
-Sherri McMullen


Song Earring in Ivory
Tie Front Handkerchief Hem Skirt
Wales Bonner Song Earring
Groovy Dot Elastic Waist Jumbo Pants
LISA FOLAWIYO Beaded Classic Handbag in Yellow
KIMEZE Concept 1 Sunglasses
CHRISTOPHER JOHN ROGERS Scoop Neck Space Dye Halter Dress
CHRISTOPHER JOHN ROGERS Metallic Taffeta Drawstring Pants
Christopher John Rogers Colorblock Jumbo Shirt
ILLUSTRATED BLACK HISTORY: Honoring the Iconic and the Unseen Book by George McCalman
Silk Jumbo Ruffle Sleeve Colorblock Gown
Embroidered Elastic Waist Jumbo Pants
Crushed Ruffle Strapless Peplum Top
ESTELLE GLASSWARE Wine Amber Stemware Set
Cassette Stripe Tie Front Handkerchief Hem Dress
Christopher John Rogers Silk Cassette Stripe Ruffle Trapeze Gown
Christopher John Rogers Crushed Ruffle Strapless Column Dress
Christopher John Rogers Oversized Convertible Stripe Polo Dress
Christopher John Rogers Striped Ruffle Polo Dress
Christopher John Rogers Silk Tiered Ruffle Caftan
Christopher John Rogers One Shoulder Napkin Gown
WALES BONNER Mantra Jersey Hoodie
WALES BONNER Mantra Track Pants
WALES BONNER Printed Hope Shirt
Wander Track Top in Ivory
WALES BONNER Wander Track Pant in Ivory
Crystal Mesh Dennis Marina Stripe Top
Crystal Mesh Spice Stripe Skirt
Craighton Pocomania Dress
Stripe Winston Shirt
Stripe Winston Shirt Sale price$795.00
Web Trouser in Check Print
Crochet Gabardine Desmond Dress
Stripe Shirting Pocomania Dress
Facey Cotton Dress
DIOTIMA Crochet High Slit Gown
Crochet High Slit Gown Sale price$2,995.00
Dennis Marina Top
Dennis Marina Top Sale price$1,025.00
Vintage Lace Jacket
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Embellished Bow Coat
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Printed Silk Cut Out Maxi Dress
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Printed Sheer Panel Dress
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Silk Printed Cut Out Maxi Dress
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Sleeveless Printed Blazer
LISA FOLAWIYO Printed Turtleneck Mesh Top
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Embellished Printed Midi Dress
Preorder LISA FOLAWIYO Embellished Lace Dress
HARWELL GODFREY 18" Rainbow Bead Necklace
HARWELL GODFREY Mini Crescent Inlay Charm Pendant