Behind The Scenes: Akira Naka

Behind The Scenes: Akira Naka

Akira Naka’s clothing is best known for its Japanese and deep European influences, largely gathered while studying and working in Antwerp. Akira Naka combines a number of sharply tailored edges and cuts with a great deal of texture and detail in high waisted skirts and trousers, rubbered tops, and simplified casual wear.

Sherri and Akira Naka in his showroom at Spring Paris Market Week.


Akira designs to elevate the woman — not just the clothing she's wearing. Each piece is thoroughly wear-tested by women to ensure the highest quality fit.

"When I saw the collection, I immediately had a connection to it. The clean lines, structure and thoughtfulness around the designs were intentional and I knew we had to have the collection in the store. Rarely do I get emotional about a new collection, but hearing Akira speak about designing for today’s woman brought me to tears."  — Sherri McMullen

Akira Naka tying the cotton satin braided rope on the Tuva Halter Dress.

Akira speaks to the inspiration on the multi strap tubing featured on the Zuri Long Knit Bra.