A Letter From Our Founder

A Letter From Our Founder, Sherri McMullen

Dear Friends: 

 I hope this email finds you healthy and well. I know how much Covid-19 has impacted the lives of millions of people around the world. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones, those that are ill, and those taking care of family members who are ill.During this time, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and finding ways to cope during this transition, for myself and my business. As we enter the month of May and our 48th day of shelter, I want to share some thoughts on McMullen — where we are today, and where we are going. 

 I want to express my absolute gratitude for our clients who have called, texted, DM'd to make sure we are okay, buying from us online, through Goodie Boxes or even through Facetime. We would not be here without your support. I know we love our community and care about small businesses surviving. We are all doing our part and I am forever grateful to you.The fashion community has been hit extremely hard. 

When I think about McMullen, one thing that stands out to me is that I want to see designers survive this pandemic. Every purchase counts, and every purchase supports many parts of the supply chain such as the designers, the suppliers, and the manufacturers that make each garment. We are a global community that cares about our environment and sustainable practices. We aim to come together and think more about ways we can do better as a conscious industry. 

 As we move through this new way of living, we'll focus more on pieces you'll enjoy for years to come. It's important to us to champion slower production and upmost quality. We want our clients to purchase investment pieces that they'll love and wear over and over. 

 My team and I have been working hard, and I want you to know that we are here for you. We are packaging online orders everyday, we're available for FaceTime appointments, and we're offering Goodie Box delivery with items that are hand selected for you. We're doing everything we can to continue providing to our community and to keep our business running. 

 Be well friends. Thank you, I love you. 

 — Sherri McMullen 

Founder, McMullen