McMullen Muse: Karen Ellis

McMullen Muse: Karen Ellis

For Mother's Day this year, we want to highlight some of our clients that are amazing daughters, mothers, and much more. Read below on Karen Ellis, a McMullen friend and client for over thirteen years. 

Karen photographed (above) with her three children.

Q: Can you share a bit more about yourself, your background, your upbringing? 

KE: I grew up in Piedmont and am the oldest of four. We all still live in the Bay Area. My parents and husband grew up here as well. Steve and I lived in San Francisco while dating and first married. I had the dream job working for Gap Inc. as an Assistant in the Visual Merchandising department. We moved back to the East Bay in 1994 when I found out I was pregnant with my first born. 

Q: What parts have deeply contributed to the woman you are today? 

KE: I was very close to my maternal grandmother and my dad had nine siblings who were always stopping by and were around for every birthday and holiday. I was very fortunate to have the love of family when I was young. Finding a lifetime partner who shared my values, encouraged me to take risks and gave me self confidence was a big influence on who I am today. We have amazing lifelong friendships. My girlfriends are a big part of how I get through motherhood. We lean on each other for parenting and life tips as well as support and fun. It "takes a village."

Q: What beliefs are of timeless value to you and your family? 

 KE: Family first always. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Be kind. Communicate. Be honest. Try not to go to bed angry. Try to eat a meal as a family. During this quarantine it's what I most look forward to. The conversations that have developed from sitting down together at dinners have been amazing. As my kids get older I am learning much more from them than they are from me. 

Q: Your favorite word on motherhood: 

KE: "Everything happens for a reason" and "this too shall pass" are the words I live by. My kids roll their eyes with the frequency I use them. 

Q: How has having a child/children influenced your personal style? 

KE: I would say my personal style is more casual and comfortable since having three children. I have a rocker edge. I love having the occasion to dress up too. I have always loved clothes. Shoes and jewelry are my weakness.

 Q: What is the best advice you have received from a maternal figure and how has that helped you? 

KE: We're all just doing the best we can with the information we have.

Q: What is your idea of the perfect Mother’s Day?

KE: When the kids were young my perfect Mother's Day would be going to the beach or to San Francisco along the water and having a picnic. The day would end up with picking up burritos. Burritos have been a Sunday tradition for us since 1989.

Karen photographed (above) with her three children.

Karen's McMullen Spring Wishlist:

Karen photographed (left) wearing Rokh from McMullen. Karen photographed (right) wearing Veda from McMullen.

Karen photographed (above) with her mother.

"Karen has shopped with us since the first month we opened 13 years ago. I still remember what she bought and she says she still has it. She is an amazing mother and a friend who never forgets birthdays or special occasions. She has the biggest heart. She has supported us through all the changes and has become a dear friend. She, like many, has been with us from the beginning. I’m so grateful for them."

— Sherri McMullen