Behind The Scenes in Paris: La Bouche Rouge

Behind The Scenes in Paris: La Bouche Rouge

Founder & CEO Sherri McMullen has always loved a classically refined red lip. When she discovered La Bouche Rouge in Paris she formulated her very own lipstick color that works on a variety of skin tones while also curating a collection of everyday lipsticks. Discover a behind the scenes look at her process and discover the sustainably focused brand. 

La Bouche Rouge is a makeup brand that harmonizes eco-responsibility and luxury. The lipsticks are 100% made in France, and offer chic leather cases that are interchangeable and feature no micro-plastic. La Bouche Rouge focuses on sustainability into its design in an effort to address the alarming volume of disposable packaging, it is estimated that 1 billion lipsticks are thrown away annually.  Each leather case is created using up cycled leather scraps from Tanneries du Puy that create an array of color selections each season. The formula is free of endocrine disrupters, micro-plastics, allergens, and is vegan and cruelty free. 

Sherri worked with a La Bouche Rouge color specialist to hand select her "Mon Sherri" shades and undertones using their color inspiration book. Each lipstick is hand pressed using the lipstick press machine shown above, craftsmanship and artisanal traditions are key in La Bouche Rouge's brand ethos.

Plastic does not belong on our lips.

"In our formulas, we manage to avoid PMMA, as nobody wants to eat microplastics. We have replaced preservatives with a 

natural anti-oxidant, free from animal fat, parabens and paraffin.

 Our blacklist: 

BHT – BHA - parabens – phenoxyethanol – polyethylene – PMMA - MIT – silicones – allergens – benzophenone – ethylhexylmethoycinnam.

-La Bouche Rouge